Why Go Private?

Its about choice. Your choice. Choose your own obstetrician. Choose your hospital. Choose your birth preference - from hypnobirthing with no intervention, to pain-free planned analgesia, or elective caesarean section, we support choice.

Its about experience. In a private hospital only the most senior clinician is your caregiver. Be it a Paediatrician, an Anaesthetist or an Obstetrician we get to know you and you get to know us.

Its about continuity. Having a baby doesn’t have to be scary. We want you to feel nurtured and cared for. Familiarity is comforting. You can have our personal mobile phone number. Your obstetrician wants to be at your delivery.

Its about respect. Private hospitals have a generous respect for the time you might like or need for birthing, bonding, breast feeding and bouncing back. You have your own private room.

Its about the perks. Would you like a single room? Would you like your partner to stay with you? That’s private. Do you want chips with your gourmet burger? (Margo would prefer tofu stir-fry). Or perhaps it's bubbles with your cheese board?

What fees are involved?

We are a boutique service at an affordable price. We believe in Private Health Care and the value added to your experience by going private. We want to make it accessible to you and do everything that we can to be transparent and affordable.

The 28-week Pregnancy Management Fee (PMF) covers the care you will receive from your specialist who is on call and available to you for the full duration of your pregnancy.

Please email or call our office for a full schedule of fees. We will supply all the financial information to you prior to your first visit so that you feel at ease.

When should I book my first appointment?

We recommend booking your first appointment as early as possible in your pregnancy to make sure that we can accommodate you. We will ask you what your due date is when you book in with us, so please keep track of the first day of your last period so that we can calculate this.

When will my first appointment be?

We like to get you in for your first appointment at around nine to ten weeks gestation. This is when you will meet your obstetrician and a midwife, get to know them and undergo some initial measurements and tests.

We may need to see you as early as six weeks if you have a complicated fertility or obstetric history. Some women with significant health issues need a consultation before they fall pregnant.

Am I Limited to scheduled appointments?

If you feel that you need more appointments or additional psychological support, be reassured that you will get them. We see women in unscheduled visits on a daily basis.

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