At EMBRACE we help mothers experience the joy of childbirth in a safe and positive manner. 

We understand that there is no such thing as a “normal” birth – every woman is unique and experiences it differently. 

That is why forming a positive relationship with you during your antenatal care is such an important part of the process. Over the months of getting to know each other, we will have plenty of time to prepare together for the delivery of your baby. 

With us by your side, you know that you will have a trusted advocate, working at every stage to meet your preferences and expectations. 

What to do when your labour starts 

If you think that you have gone into labour, you will need to contact your chosen hospital (either Joondalup Private Hospital or St John of God, Subiaco). 

Once you arrive at the hospital, you will initially be assessed by the Labour Ward midwife and your obstetrician will be contacted. You will also have a midwife assigned to you at this stage, and they will care for you and liaise with our obstetrician throughout your labour and delivery.

Pain Relief 

Many women opt for pain relief during labour and delivery. 

There are many different options available to you, and plenty of time to discuss your preferences with your obstetrician. Or you can wait and see what you may need on the day and make your choices then. “Go with the Flow.” Support for low intervention, natural labour, non-medicated comforts, or prescribed pain relief is readily available. The choice is yours.

Pain relief options include:    

  • Massage, mobility, warm water    
  • Hypnobirthing    
  • Nitrous Oxide Gas    
  • TENS machine    
  • Pethidine    
  • Epidural

We strive to create an understanding space that allows you to experience birth in a manner with which you are truly comfortable. This includes such options as hypnobirthing, planned caesarean section and vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC). 

Immediate Post-Birth Options 

Once your baby has been born, there are a few immediate care options we will discuss. 

These include:    

  • An oxytocin injection (to prevent unacceptable blood loss)    
  • Vitamin K (as a deficiency of this vitamin can cause bleeding)    
  • A Hepatitis B vaccination will also be available to your baby at this time

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