Pre-pregnancy Counselling

Pregnancy preparations and investigations with your GP may include folate supplements, PAP smear, immunisations, autosomal recessive carrier testing, and a review of your medication and medical history. Woman with a medical condition might need optimisation of their medication with a specialist prior to conception. If you have had a complicated obstetric history you might need further investigations with your obstetrician before proceeding with another pregnancy. You might need extra reassurance and monitoring.

Early Pregnancy Monitoring

Many women know that due to their underlying fertility issues or obstetric history, that immediate treatments such as blood thinners (clexane or aspirin), steroid medications (prednisolone), or hormonal support (progesterone and estrogen) are required. We are comfortable and familiar with all aspects of early fertility care and pregnancy monitoring. Call us on the day of your first positive pregnancy test for immediate help and support.

Gynaecology Services

Dr Althea MaGee also has a very keen interest in Gynaecology. She is skilled in management of abnormal PAP smears, cervical screening tests, colposcopy, management of abnormal or heavy periods, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometrial ablation, fibroid surgery, prolapse surgery, abdominal hysterectomy, and vaginal hysterectomy.

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