Postnatal Care

We don’t stop caring for you once you have had your baby. 

Your Hospital Stay 

Depending on what happens during your labour and delivery, you are likely to be in hospital for a few days after birth. 

During this time, you will have support from your obstetrician and ward midwives who will frequently check in and make sure that everything is running smoothly. You will also have access to a range of other specialists such as lactation consultants, physiotherapists, pharmacists, neonatal paediatricians, and sometimes physicians, anaesthetists, and other specialists. 

This extra time in hospital allows you to rest and enable your body to recover with professionals close at hand. There are baby bath classes, and lots of information on baby settling techniques and pelvic floor exercises. 

Your Six Week Postnatal Appointment 

Your obstetrician will book an appointment to see you again around six weeks after you have given birth. 

We will go over the delivery and review any medical issues that need to be dealt with post-pregnancy. 

This is an important aspect of your care. It allows you to review and understand possible recommendations for future births. We discuss contraception, check your healing and recovery, and perform an HPV/PAP smear. 

Post-Birth Health Care Concerns 

It is completely normal to have some additional concerns and questions in the first few weeks following the birth of your baby. 

Our postnatal midwife will keep in touch with you for the period between leaving hospital and your obstetricians postnatal visit. 

You are more than welcome to contact our office and we can answer your questions, book an earlier appointment if necessary and put you in touch with a range of other health care professionals to help you.

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