Embrace is a neat word. It expresses our values. Excellence for Mothers and Babies with Respect, Affordability, Compassion and Expertise!

The image of being enfolded in a protecting embrace is how we would like you to feel in our care.

A pregnant mother embraces the challenge of physical, emotional and social changes in her body and in her world. We will help you to do that. We are embracing you as an active participant in this process.

As professionals we are embracing the times. We are offering a boutique model of care that is private, comprehensive, personalised and affordable.

We embrace and care for our team to give you the best possible care. Obstetricians need to rest and refresh from being on call all the time, every day and night. On the rare occasion we are unable to attend your delivery, we have confidence in each other as kind, communicative and highly experienced obstetricians to meet your expectations. The safety of you and your baby is our priority.

EMBRACE Trimester Hub is a social club for new mothers to meet with our midwives in a casual and informative session. These much loved meetings create wonderful friendships and answer lots of little questions.

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